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Amazon launches “Storefronts” because it promotes the development of small US businesses

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Amazon launches “Storefronts” because it promotes the development of small US businesses

Amazon has opened an online store where shoppers can buy from SMEs in the US.

Launched on Monday, Amazon Storefronts is accessible from the Amazon.com homepage and directs shoppers to nearly 20,000 US companies in 50 states.

Online customers can search for products in 25 product categories, such as back to school, home, kitchen, pet supplies and books.

Amazon vice president Nicholas Denison said in a statement that the company is demonstrating its commitment to SMEs and “supporting their success.”

To help promote the image of a small American company that makes up Amazon cosmetics, the site will also host a video of the company owner and his story.

To support the release, Amazon is playing its first national TV commercial on Amazon. The company said the ad would try to convey that Amazon is actually a “small big collection.”

Earlier this year, Amazon launched the Small Business Impact Report, which stated that SMEs selling on Amazon are estimated to have created more than 900,000 jobs worldwide.

Internationally, third-party merchants now account for more than half of the products sold on Amazon.com.

In July, Amazon restricted the seller’s storage space, and these sellers would store inventory for too long in the Amazon warehouse. When it tried to manage the overcrowding in its center, the company also outsourced its logistics technology to external warehouses.

The move is seen as driving the seller to become more professional in managing its own inventory levels.

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