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Bitcoin is struggling to hit $ 7,000


Bitcoin is struggling to hit $ 7,000

Bitcoin fell 0.76% on Thursday, after closing 0.64% lower on Wednesday, the day closed at $ 6,985.5.

Negative regulatory chutney talked about schematic discussions on cryptocurrencies through the morning and the next month’s EU finance meetings reduced the weight of a gap with the lack of regulatory inspection, to lose weight through the morning to lose weight.

A broad based market recovery late in the day broke back the bitcoin through major support levels of the day, while the day ended in the sub-7,000 levels for the first time since the beginning of the week.

Mid-week tricks were a reminder for investors how sensitive the widespread market regulator is to the risk of change, with the addition of cryptocurrencies in the next month of the European Union, a complete shock review and discussion of new rules and regulations, rather than the distribution of the discussion do.

Whether the EU Finance Ministers have decided to force regulators to distribute EU-centric rules and regs instead of looking at the G-20 integrated rules, but if anything has to go for the G20, This is going to take some time for full review, roll out and enforcement.

For the bitcoin and broader market, rolling out of the rules and regulations for cryptocurrencies market is important for moving downwards, which will support the cryptocurrencies, rather than combine widely, to find direction on the merit.

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